If you’d like to invite me to speak at your event, please keep reading to see if we’re a good match for working together.

I went deep in my self until I become what I speak about – It took 20 Years of silence – No public speaking

I grew as very quiet, shy boy, just barely answering questions with as few words as possible. Since people demanded my help I started speaking more, explaining more and more. Eventually I realized the message I am carrying and my speech become a music to my audience.

I have been speaking professionally for many years, including many 1- 3-7 day workshops.
Because of my extensive experience in the holistic wellness, personal and family growth and harmony, and sustainable conscious business development I’m able to speak on a wide variety of topics. The core concepts I usually integrate into my talks are the fundamental wellness and personal development tools and techniques. I teach people how to achieve their goals faster. These techniques are universal, so they can be applied to any type of situation.

I love speaking to open-minded, green, health and self realization-oriented audiences, especially people in their 20s and 30s starting their family and business life.
What I’m most passionate about is personal development for conscious relations and parenting. I love helping men and women explore more direct, honest, and authentic ways of connecting with each other finding their purpose, co-create a family and consciously parent their children.
My speech duration starts at 33 minutes and can be expanded and split across multiple days if needed. When time permits I like to include interactive exercises to get people out of their seats and moving around.

My conscious family economy -business is one that puts life in front of other considerations so I don’t have a set speaking fee.

I look for good opportunities to make a positive contribution to people’s lives. That’s the most important factor in choosing which invitations to accept.
I’m available to travel internationally.
My speaking style is very personable and conversational. I prefer to connect with people as fellow travelers on this shared human journey.
For video samples, please visit my  channel…

Getting in Touch
If you’re interested in talking to me about speaking at your event, please let me know via my contact form, and include the following details:
1.    Dates of your event
2.    Location of your event
3.    Name and website of the sponsoring organization
4.    Type and duration of desired presentation
5.    Your topic preferences, if any
6.    Estimated number of attendees expected
7.    Your contact info
Please give me as much advance notice as you can, so I can see if your desired dates are available.
Thanks for your interest.

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