People are puzzled by constant need to make choices, how to chose partners, coaches, programs, actions, deals, etc…

I am a coach – teacher – guide for seekers of eternal truth of life -Peaceful Warriors of Light.

There is so much noise, so many people claiming benefits how to chose what you really need without having to go through many trial and error situations?

This is my simple selection web site – simple natural technique:

You read and find out if you feel well with my thoughts, listen to some of my videos, and then you can feel if we vibrate on the similar level

that is usually felt as a peaceful pleasantness, comfort, security, like meeting an old friend,  some feint feeling of attraction, desire to have more time together

 this is how we can decide to collaborate on issues that are of common interest.

we do not need classical system of marketing, we understand each other because we operate in different paradigm -different value system.

So if you chose to contact me for any reason click those sign up buttons around and we will set up a call to decide if we want to work together.


What you would say if each drop in the ocean would like to be special and different as most of us do? So we differ by the light we area capable radiating.

We are all in essence that same light but having body that was heavily influenced by numerous sources of pollution we differ in our ability to radiate that intelligence of the universe.

The history we acquire during this life is not so significant however I’ll mention just a few points for recognition of recent experiences

Yogi Raam was fortunate to be a disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for more than 35 years and personally
guided and supervised by Maharishi for about 10 years.
Yogi Raam is trained to practically apply Vedic knowledge in daily life, to improve health, business, social relations, and living conditions, so that we have all that is necessary for self-realization/ freedom/ enlightenment.

Yole received his education at public and private schools and universities in Europe, India and the USA,
and founded and managed several successful companies in Europe and the USA. After his spiritual teacher left, he
started a transition from family service to global humanity service. Raam’s Domain, other web sites and
books are created to spread eternal message of life, especially Maharishi’s message: “It is not necessary to safer
in life, nature of life is bliss”. 

Yole Yogi Raam guides families toward the joy of natural living in abundance.
We may call it different names, green living, holistic life, sustainable living, self-sufficient life, healthy living, life in total freedom, enlightenment, but it all comes to one simple truth: returning to what you really are, your original, natural setup. Since this is disturbed by “malware”, our job now is to reset the system, get rid of bugs, and viruses, energy draining and time consuming loops that have created vicious circles in life. Achieving the use of full inner/mental potential brings a life of freedom and independence. We achieve this when we live life in accord with nature/ natural law, cosmic law or God’s will.



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