There is a way to materialize your dreams
Discover abundance here and now
There is more in this life
There is more
Just step into
Wisdom Circle
Master Mind Group

Yole’s 5-fold Matrix of Wisdom Circle
    1.    The Coaching leads you to discover how to resolve all your current challenges,
    2.    The Guiding shows you the path out of your current situation,
    3.    The Consulting gives you direct answers to your current challenges/obstacles as Yole perceives it
    4.    The teaching gives you knowledge/skills/techniques you need to get out of illusions/dependency and/
    5.    Master Mind Group creates supporting community consciousness and produces effects beyond imaginable.

The caching has two groups:

1. Families: Parents and parents-to-be
Yole’s work focus is individual well-being that includes family unity, spiritual and material well-being. A person is fundamental unit of global harmony, just condensed dynamic of the universe.
During our work we reset to original setup the way we metabolize our:
    •    Time, how we organize our life in time an space,
    •    Experience, how we experience life and events, like pleasant and unpleasant (happy/unhappy) with our job, family, friends, contribution, etc
    •    Health, how we manage our body needs, health, pain, pleasure
    •    Energy, how we manage our inner energy needed for achievement of our purpose
    •    Clarity/consciousness, how see our life, purpose, and organize goal oriented actions
    •    Wealth, how we generate our wealth, financial freedom vs. dependency, and much more

2. Business: transition to sustainable/socially responsible, ethical, non-exploitative business
Economic transition is happening globally, my goal is to introduce knowledge and practices that will bring immediate results to businesses health. I’ll give guidance, mentoring, coaching all that is necessary for you to make you get through the change.
 Since you are #1 factor for your business we will start with:
    •    Your health, strength, clarity and then adjust social and business practices.
    •    You will remember your real purpose, regain happiness and joy of life, redefine real success, regain freedom from fear, freedom from disease, establish real independence and inner peace, make your family  happy
    •    Regain balance between your family and your job responsibilities
    •    Establish your inner balance to pacify your emotions, emotional and physical pains, fear and anger, make yourself happy, make your employees happy
    •    And finally You will learn the biggest secret of all success that is a reason for all our action how to achieve self realization total freedom enlightenment


Coaching is recommended only after you apply skills and techniques you learned in my workshops.

I can accept only a few one on one coaching processes  so I recommend applying only if you have a well funded project or a challenge of very high importance to your life.

The coaching/guiding process is completely individualized. So your financial investment into coaching is build during our personal meeting.
If you wish to apply for coaching or Wisdom Circle schedule a personal appointment. Together we will decide if these programs are of benefit to your particular situation.

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