While most of humanity experiences great fear Raam family focuses on creating an oasis to provide necessary knowledge and skills for smooth global transition toward free, enlightened society.

Meet Yole Yogi- a global trend changer, pioneer of holistic- green living and spiritual awakening.

His life was blessed by serving Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and supporting his world-wide spiritual awakening activities.

Yole is the founder of Global Enlightenment Network and Global Transition Guide, projects created to help people regain joy of life.


Yogi Raam has designed Eternal Smile, the most comprehensive training for awakening families to reestablish life in accord with nature, laws of universe – will of God. In order to make his programs suitable for modern, busy family life Yole designs variety of useful techniques and tools to be used daily 5 minutes at a time.

This is why Eternal Smile- Five Minutes for Self programs are created.

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Start your change by taking ownership of your health: this webinar will show you techniques I use to get reed of flu and viral infections naturally.

Yogi Raam is “The best kept Secret”, after 20 years of silence, now giving back.


Remember SELF – How to Live Your Dream

Green – Spiritual – Family building blocks for wealth and well-being

Live Your Dream Training is eternal wisdom of life and modern tool and techniques necessary to find our purpose of life/ being happy and strong doing what we love. Dream? During the workshop we discover our real life purpose, and create plan outline for realization of the goal. Than we learn how to achieve all that is necessary for realization of our dream:

  • Healthy body-physical strength and abundant energy,
  • Mental energy, focus, persistence, clarity of mind
  • Smooth, supporting, loving relationships
  • Business fundamentals applied to your case
  • Success secrets for your personality type

Without these spiritual and practical knowledge your life would be stuck forever in mediocrity


when you master these techniques, you will change forever, and you will live your dream and grow.

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Five Minutes for Self

Own Your Health- Own Your Life – Physical and Spiritual

Know your self and you will know the whole Universe

When you find your self, your need to search further will ceases

You will discover that there is no more, no further

All we do in our life is fundamentally motivated by need to …experience happiness, peace, love. All we do in our life… but we never get it enough since on the way we loose the direction and the whole think gets too complicated, money earning, taxes, divorces, hospitals, insurances, never ending bills …newer ending challenges.


How to get out from vicious circle of dependency? This workshop will give you the knowledge behind secret, the secret of the secret.

Only a few people succeeded to use secret successfully. How they did it and why the others failed you will learn during this workshop. Learn step-by-step in this free video series.


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Books I recommend


GlobalTransition Guide for Total Self-sufficincy by Yole Yogi Raam

This book is in progress and

Below books are written by people that positively influenced my life and I highly recommend them

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad-Gita, more .. click here


Science Of Being And Art of Living , more … click here


Anastasia, more … click here


The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Fee



Blog Posts,

These are themes for the posts and videos I will be creating soon

Secret of successful thinking

How to make tough life decisions

Postponing Change in life?

How to get reed of tension

How to get rid of fear

How to get rid of flu

How to find self

How to get rid of allergies

How to make money ethically

How to get peace of mind

How to resolve conflict

How to increase energy

How to live healthy

How to get desires fulfilled



Learn how Yole makes ……life easy, happy and fun

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